School Warning Lights

School Flashing Amber Lights

Electric Skyline offer a range of efficient lighting solutions that are high quality and low cost for school flashing amber lights. These lighting solutions are designed to ensure the safety of people at schools and to provide a highly visible means of alerting motorists as to the presence of a school.
School flashing amber lights are smartly designed to ensure that costs are limited. They can be programmed by one of our highly trained employees to automatically turn on and off at certain times of the day and can be linked to the school year to avoid any unnecessary costs when the schools are closed. SFAL can be programmed for up to 3 school years after installation.
The lights are fully programmable, solar or mains powered amber flashing LED beacons. We offer full installation, maintenance, repair and testing on any school flashing amber lights.
We currently operate all school warning lights in Galway, Sligo, Longford and Roscommon.

Report a Fault

Please report any fault on school amber flashing lights as soon as possible.

Report a School Flashing Amber Light Fault