Sports Lighting

Installing lighting isn’t just about extending play at your club. It’s an investment in the future – one that can increase enjoyment and revenue for years to come.

Lighting can not only enhance the spectator’s experience at a game but also improve how the players perform. Sports lighting is an important feature of any game no matter what level. Every athlete deserves to play under a fixture that calls attention to their talent and exciting action. The right kind of lighting will deliver optimal light for activities such as training, visual comfort for fans, and reduce light pollution outside of the venue.

Electric Skyline lighting turns every game into an unforgettable experience. We have installed systems in all codes throughout the country. From design right through to commissioning we can provide a full-service solution. Our approach to each project includes all aspects from columns, gears, floodlights, cabling, trenching, mains distribution, generators and control devices. This is delivered ensuring we remove any hassle by dealing with all aspects of the project.

We will also look after any operational matters such as how much light is required for your facility and how will this impact on the surrounding environment right through to how you can both minimise installation and maintenance costs while maximising the extra revenue opportunities that a floodlit pitch will bring to your facility.

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