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Defender Solar Powered Lighting Solution

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The Defender is the most advanced medium duty solar light available. Featuring adjustable angle LED’s, twin PIR motion detection system and advanced nano-particle battery technology with fully programmable solar controller.

Designed specifically for the IRISH & UK market, the Defender’s large capacity battery with advanced cell technology and large footprint solar panel make it suitable for a wide range of non-critical lighting applications.

  • Inbuilt SAM (solar activity monitoring) system enables remote control and monitoring.
  • Up to 55 Watt, 10,285 lumen
  • 307 Watt hour LiFePo4 battery with advanced cell balancing technology.
  • 32 Watt  mono-crystalline solar panel with 21% efficiency.


  • An “off-grid” solution, negating the need for extensive civil works or costly connection to the main grid.
  • No running costs
  • Zero maintenance system
  • Self adjusting light levels
  • Elegant design for suburban areas


Suggested Mounting Height 4-6m

  • Greenways, Walkways, Cycle Tracks.
  • Town Centres
  • Campus Areas
  • Shopping Centres
  • Playgrounds, Parks and Open Spaces
  • Industrial Areas / Business Parks

Customer Testimonial

“Moneygall Development Association having installed a community walking track were conscious it could get a lot more use especially during winter if we lit it up. As a voluntary organisation we were aware of running costs associated with this and wanted options.

We reached out to Electric Skyline who previously worked with us on another project and sought advice.

We were delighted with the suggestion of going down the solar light route, as it was going to be run with no cost, it also would ensure we didn’t increase our carbon footprint and would benefit us as we try to “green” our community.

Electric Skyline assisted us with design along with planning and were only a call or an email away at any stage. The project is a huge success and one we are delighted we embarked on.

Communities would be crazy to consider a project where solar lighting isn’t contemplated, and all anyone has to do is contact Electric Skyline and they will lead you in the best possible direction.”

Henry Healy, Moneygall Development Association

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