Greaney Glass LED Lighting Upgrade


Greaney Glass Products Ltd. are a wholesale/retail/glazing company established in 1973, located in Galway.

The company has always prided itself as being very much a family run operation with family members always taking hands on involvement in the various aspects of the business. With a wealth of experience built up from almost 50 years of successful trading and with a production facility now in excess of 70,000sq ft. Greaney Glass is now one of the largest glass processors and distributors in Ireland supplying the domestic, commercial window markets, trade and the general public alike.

Greaney Glass have the people, knowledge and experience & the most up to date manufacturing processes to ensure that we both meet and exceed our customers & specifiers expectations.


Greaney Glass had identified the need to upgrade the lighting throughout their manufacturing facility to energy efficient LED lights. Electric Skyline worked closely with Director Kevin Greaney to provide a custom LED lighting solution to suit the diverse requirements of each area within the Greaney Glass facility.


Completed an in-depth survey of the Greaney Glass facility for a new LED retrofit lighting upgrade. Energy saving opportunities were first addressed with co-operation of Greaney Glass. Management then recognised that to make further energy savings, investment was needed and this included lighting upgrades. The main goal was to improve the lux levels and energy efficiency with all LED products that carried a 5-year warranty.


The lighting upgrade included replacing the 516 fluorescent lamps with 256 LED commercial high bays. This resulted in better quality illumination for office and warehouse staff. Pre-upgrade fluorescent luminaires used 192,181 kwh per annum in comparison to the new LED luminaires which use 77,551 kwh per annum (savings Kwh per annum are now 60%).

  • LED Retrofit
  • Replacement of Fluorescent Luminaires
  • Electrical Testing and Commissioning
  • Site Surveys
  • H & S Audit

We were fortunate not to experience any challenges. We dealt with Tommy Gallagher in sales and Richie Byrne in respect of project management. Both were very personable and professional – gentlemen in fact. The majority of the works were carried out throughout the night and at weekends and it all ran smoothly. I also have to highly commend the Electric Skyline staff who carried out the works. All in all, a trouble-free experience.


Significant savings in energy costs. Substantial reduction in the number of light fittings (260 less) meaning less fittings to be inspected annually. Reduced carbon footprint. As one would expect the factory is more illuminated making for a more pleasant, brighter work environment. Detecting any defects/imperfections in a transparent product such as glass with the naked eye can prove challenging and the increased lighting makes this task easier. Office based tasks are easier as are outside tasks in the yard area making the loading/unloading of commercial vehicles safer.

Staff have also remarked that because the distribution of light is so evenly dispersed there are no longer any shaded areas/areas of diminished light i.e. around structural columns making tasks such as reading documentation, labels & computer scanners easier for staff members.


Achieved by Electric Skyline for Greaney Glass in year 1: €15,256

When asked about the three most significant achievements to date, Kevin Greaney said:

  • The lighting upgrade resulted in electricity savings of €15,256 per annum plus SEAI grant which provided an additional 30% saving
  • Annual savings of CO2 of 44.6 tonnes
  • Better lighting for both office, warehouse and yard area.

Annual Energy Savings: €15,256 + SEAI Grant (additional 30% Saving)
Estimated ROI: 2.9 years

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