RBK Led Lighting Upgrade


RBK is an established national chartered accountancy and business advisory firm, with offices in Athlone, Dublin and Roscommon. RBK has 17 Partners and over 190 staff. Established in 1958, the firm offers a comprehensive nationwide service, and has grown rapidly over the last decade.

We provide quality business and tax solutions to the highest technical standard across a wide range of compliance and corporate service areas as well as strong business support for our clients. Our firm is regulated by the Chartered Accountants Regulatory Board and is a member of the LEA global network which is the second largest international association in the world.

  • Sector: Professional Services – Accounting
  • Head Office: Athlone
  • No of Offices: 3

RBK identified the need to upgrade the lighting within their 3-story head office building. With the rising costs of electricity and maintenance being the main drivers, they placed their lighting upgrade project out to tender.

Electric Skyline responded to their tender working with RBK to fully ascertain their requirements providing future proofing and solutions to overcome any issues identified.

Carole Ferguson from RBK said;

“We had old and inefficient fluorescent fittings that incurred high maintenance cost and poor lighting which often caused glares for staff. Bulbs continuously needed replacing which caused continuous disruption to staff. We wanted a brighter and more welcoming environment for our staff to work in without glares or flickering fluorescent bulbs causing distraction.”


Electric Skyline’s project team met with RBK to examine what a retrofit/upgrade would look like for the RBK’s offices in Athlone. Our engineering team conducted a full-scale audit of their offices as part of the standard consultation process for all projects.

The audit provided a report that demonstrated the areas that would result in energy saving, with the main goal providing a much-improved working environment whilst also providing the maximum energy saving and maintenance free solution.

When we asked RBK on what were the key drivers for choosing Electric Skyline they said,

“Electric Skyline from the outset demonstrated their flexibility, they were keen to provide us with a solution and carried out extensive research on our requirements. They worked closely with our facility manager to ensure a successful outcome. “


After the completion of a full-scale audit of the RBK Athlone offices, Electric Skyline engineering team designed the RBK retrofit lighting solution using in-house technology and architectural knowledge. The offices comprised of more than 1,500 outdated fluorescent tube lamps. RBK’s retrofit project scope was to replace all 1,500 fluorescent tube lamps, provide increased level of lighting throughout the building and reduce their energy usage significantly.

  • LED Retrofit
  • Replacement of 1,500 Fluorescent Luminaires
  • Electrical Testing and Commissioning
  • Site Surveys
  • H & S Audit

While there was no real challenge with regard to implementing the LED Retrofit, the project team had to take into consideration the architectural design of the three-story building with little or no disruption to the operation of RBK during working hours. The design of RBK’s lighting needed to provide substantial improvement on lighting, maintenance and energy consumption.

Carol in RBK when asked about what was the immediate desired outcome from their LED Retrofit said

“We wanted a brighter and more welcoming environment for our staff to work in without glares or flickering fluorescent bulbs causing distraction.”


Electric Skyline assigned an experienced project manager to RBK’s LED Retrofit project, who took the time to understand the requirements and expected outcome. The primary goal once work had started, was to complete the project on time and within budget which was completed as planned. All work was completed outside of working hours with no disruption to RBK’s staff.

RBK said

“They completed the project from start to finish with no additional cleaning cost to us and removed and disposed of all the old fittings.”


Electric Skyline provide dramatic energy savings, increased light levels, reduced maintenance, reduced

energy usage, clearer and brighter appearance. Applying Electric Skylines innovation to RBK’s LED project made use of the most efficient products which providing seamlessly improved lux levels and uniformity. Immediately, after the project was completed RBK’s,

RBK realised a 78% reduction in lighting energy costs. When combined with the money saved on maintenance and lamp replacements, the cost of retrofitting the entire building with long lasting energy-efficient LED lighting the return on investment was less than 1 year in fact 0.86 months.

We asked Carol in RBK was there any key benefits they could identify,

“We now have a brighter environment for our staff to work in and best of all we have reduced our maintenance immensely. From a facilities point of view, we no longer have the hassle of ordering lots bulbs and high maintenance callouts and costs. We have seen a reduction in our energy bills already… We have no hesitation in recommending Electric Skyline for any lighting project.”

  • Annual Energy Savings: 78% annual reduction in lighting energy costs
  • Estimated ROI: 0.86 years
  • Carbon Credit Savings: 40 Tonnes

Annual Energy Savings: 78% annual reduction in lighting energy costs
Estimated ROI: 0.86 years

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