Electric Skyline contracted by ESB beamed a beacon of light into the sky from the new Air Traffic Control tower at Dublin Airport at 9pm (Saturday 11 April 2020) in support of the #ShineYourLight#LonraighdoSholas campaign.

At 87.7m high, the IAA’s new visual control tower at Dublin Airport is the country’s tallest occupied building and, weather depending, the beacon of light is visible as far south as Wicklow, and in parts of Meath and Louth, as well as to the west and north of the airport.

Engineers from ESB/Electric Skyline worked in partnership with the IAA engineering team to design and develop the lighting solution, which will project a solid beam of light into the night sky. This partnership to deliver this beacon of hope for Ireland is a strong symbol of the resilience of the Irish people and the fact that the IAA and ESB continue to do all in our powers to assist the national effort against COVID-19.


Shine your light Dublin Airport



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Shine your light

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