At Electric Skyline we want to help Irish Businesses cut their costs with new LED energy efficient lighting solutions.  With the SME lighting grant that will reopen in April 2019 your business can benefit from 30% of approved costs.


FACT: LED will reduce your electricity bills and your carbon output!


Why should your business look at lighting? Lighting is a significant cost for many businesses in fact it can be the second highest bill after the wages.  LED technology offers businesses the opportunity to achieve a reduction in the lighting bills but as we all know forking out for upgrade projects can be costly and off putting to most.  With the SME lighting grant the pain of the upgrade is less significant.

Note the grant is for upgrading light fittings and not the correct grant for new fittings in a new build. 

Applying for grants, sourcing the correct solution and then the actual upgrade project can be off putting Electric Skyline will help your businesses lighting upgrade from start to finish, we will

  • Handle all admin to ensure you get awarded the grant
  • Manage the whole project from start to finish
  • Provide the project measurement and verification (M&V)
  • Measure the results to ensure savings are achieved

All we need from you is:

  • Applicant Details
  • Declaration of Financial Resources
  • Company Status

Funding is limited, so once the scheme is open we recommend that your apply early. This will also allow more time for your project to be completed.

All you need to do is contact Electric Skyline  on 094 9360954 or email us


Please note that the grant is only available for works that have been undertaken after a Grant Agreement (“Letter of Offer”) has been issued by SEAI. Any costs incurred prior to the signing of the Grant Agreement will not be eligible for support, So let Electric Skyline do all the work for your business.

Admin fee will apply