Electric Skyline recently completed a LED Lighting upgrade for Galway City Council, in the “Tur Uisce” and “An Fiodan” Estates,  Doughiska, Galway.
Replacement of 155 lanterns are on track to save the council 37,820 kWhrs which amounts to a 76% annual energy saving, equating to a CO2 saving of  6.57 tonnes per annum.
The contrast between the new LED public lights on the left and the existing SON public lights on the right is very apparent.

Doughiska, Galway City. New LED lights on left and old SON lights on the right


Colour Temperatures.


The new LED public lighting used Urbis Axia 3000k fittings. This gives a warmer light in the residential area, contrasted with the 4000k fittings used on the main road.


Doughiska, Galway City. 3000K fittings in the residential area contrasts with 4000K fittings on the main road.



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