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Electric Skyline Workplace Wellbeing 2023

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Electric Skyline dedicates the month of May, to promoting workplace wellbeing.

In May, Electric Skyline dedicated the entire month to promoting workplace wellbeing among its employees. Various strategies were implemented to prioritise the wellbeing of workers.

One of the initiatives was the establishment of a Workers Wellbeing Wall, which served as a visible reminder of the importance of employee wellness within the company. This wall displayed information, resources, and messages related to mental health, physical health, and overall wellbeing.

Another focus during this month was the toolbox talks, where Electric Skyline specifically addressed topics related to mental health and wellbeing. These talks were aimed at raising awareness, providing guidance, and offering support to employees in managing their mental health effectively.

On designated “Wednesday Wellbeing Days,” discussions centered around the theme of Workers Wellbeing. These sessions involved group conversations, workshops, and presentations that provided valuable insights and practical tips for enhancing wellbeing.

In an effort to support mental health in the construction industry, Electric Skyline encouraged all its staff to download the Lighthouse Charity Construction Mental Health App. This app offered resources, tools, and guidance for promoting mental wellbeing in the workplace.

The culmination of the Workplace Wellbeing Month was marked by Electric Skyline’s Workplace Wellbeing Day. On this day, all staff members were brought together at the office for a special event. Guest speaker Elaine Brown, from Perspective, talked about Mental Health in the workplace and shared her expertise and insights on the topic.

Furthermore, Electric Skyline demonstrated its commitment to employee safety and wellbeing by purchasing two External Defibrillators from ECO Powered Cabinets. Eimear Morrin from National First Aid Training conducted demonstrations on how to use these defibrillators effectively, ensuring that staff members were familiar with their operation. These will be installed in Electric Skyline’s Mayo and Cork offices, further enhancing safety measures in those locations.

During the Workplace Wellbeing Day, Electric Skyline had the honor of hosting Darren Forde, who was awarded the title of “Mayo Person of the Year 2023.” Darren spoke about his new product, Eco Powered Cabinets, which focus on sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for defibrillators.

Sean Corcoran presented Darren with a cheque worth 500 euros towards the new outdoor defibrillators in Claremorris Clare Lake Park & Mayfield Park.

To conclude the day, Electric Skyline organised a BBQ for all staff members. The event was enhanced by the extremely good weather and the delicious food provided. This gathering allowed employees to relax, socialise, and celebrate the successful Workplace Wellbeing Month.

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