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By 28th September 2023Sports Lighting

Sports Lighting Project Completed at Fermoy RFC in Cork by our Munster Regional Team.

At this renowned rugby club, our Munster sports lighting team, which is based in Glanmire, Cork, converted 30 floodlights to LED lights.

For the highest quality, we installed Philips Optivision LED floodlights, which provide the maximum optical efficiency possible and perfect light distribution.

We reduced the floodlight’s 2kw light output to 1.5kw, providing the club with a more energy-efficient option. These lights use less energy, which makes operating costs more reasonable and aids in lowering the club’s energy costs.

Teams will be able to play later into the night thanks to Fermoy RFC’s upgraded lighting, which substantially improves their facilities.

Contact our staff right now to help start the process if you’re considering upgrading or installing sports lights at your sports club.

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