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How lighting impacts your workplace?

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Often in the business world lighting is viewed only as a cost, however this may not be the case.  During our our blog we will delve further into this topic and discuss potential benefits that a correct lighting solution within your workplace.

Researchers over the time have found that lighting has an impact on a workplace such as offices, conference centres, hospitals and hotels.  The main areas we will focus on are

  • Productivity
  • Influences personnel and guests moods
  • Sets the workplace atmosphere
  • Company’s bottom line

Impacts productivity

Both dim and harsh lighting has an effect on people.  Harsh lighting can cause glares on computer screens, migraine level headaches and strain on the eyes to mention a few.  Productivity is also a direct issue of poor lighting solutions in commercial spaces such as an office.

On the other side of the coin, dim lighting can also create employee fatigue and a possible lack of focus and attention to detail.  Dim lighting is also dangerous at times because the employee may make an error due to reduced visibility. Another interesting fact is our cortisol levels drop when the lighting is in bad condition. With a drop in cortisol, humans lose energy and suffer from fatigue. In order for workers to efficiently do their work, they need to be on high alert. While lighting may seem like a small matter at first, it simply isn’t worth dismissing.

Influences Employees and Guests Moods

The way a working space feels to a employee has an impact on their comfort and mood when at work.  If an employee is constantly uncomfortable in their working environment they will not be happy or satisfied with the place they work.  Job satisfaction is a key role in improving productivity and reducing office turnover. As mentioned harsh lighting can hurt productivity or cause headaches that slow workers down. Headaches can also make employees irritable and create workplace turmoil.

If employees feel uncomfortable in their workplace they will not want to return leading to a loss of employees. The atmosphere of the companies office is damaged by poor lighting. If you are still unsure whether or not lighting is impacting your employees take a minute to stop and look around. Is your team energized about what they’re doing or are you settling for mediocre fixtures and not getting the best results from your employees? Perhaps, your employees are under-performing and you haven’t even realized the impact lighting can create.

Sets the workplace atmosphere

No employee wants to be stuck sitting under harsh or dim fluorescent lighting for an 8-hour workday.  It’s also possible lighting fixtures that are older don’t match with the workplace design and are creating the wrong company climate and workplace vibe.

By simply adding a modern lighting fixture a space can be transformed and make your workplace look fresh.

This update can create a positive feeling for your employees and create a more innovative space. Even the hue lighting gives off impacts the office. Blue tinted lighting can make the office feel vibrant and a dimmer yellow light can create a more contemplative work setting. Working with lighting experts can help you get the correct balance and create an atmosphere that is correct for everyone while presenting your business persona in a positive light (pardon the pun!)




Electric arc lighting was invented in 1809, which was much safer than the candles and gas lanterns but far too bright to use in a small area such as offices and hotel rooms.  A smaller light was needed and in 1880 Thomas Edison developed and patented the first commercially viable incandescent light bulb


Impacts a company’s bottom line

Being considerate towards your employees isn’t the only impact lighting makes for a workplace. Lighting also influences the company’s bottom line. If you switch to LED you will be getting a lot more for less. Using LED can save you a bundle in energy cost. The light bulbs last approximately 70,000 hours. With this new type of bulb, there’s no need for frequently changing light bulbs. You will also spend less on lighting repairs. Modern LED lights are more durable making them require less maintenance. Many times when going with the cheaper option there’s a downside. However, with LED lights the situation is a win-win because they are proven to provide a more desirable display.


Solving the problem

While it’s true that your company may be unknowingly suffering from damages to your employees well being, productivity and the company’s profit, there is still a way for you to stop further harm. Simple and affordable lighting changes can be made to improve your company’s workplace. For example, if your company is lacking in natural lighting then implementing LED lights that are more similar to natural daylight can help lift the atmosphere. Additionally, well-distributed lighting can help reduce glares. Different workplaces may be suffering from different problems which is why it’s best to talk with a lighting consultant.


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