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Aurivo Co-op cuts energy costs - this is how

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Northwest CO-OP cuts energy costs through innovative partnership with ESB

20 May 2019

A North-West co-operative agribusiness is setting the standard for the sector by reducing its carbon footprint and its energy bills through an innovative partnership with ESB.

Pictured Above: Pat Igoe – Aurivo, Ronan Geraghty- ESB Smart Energy, Bryan Fox – Electric Skyline, Brendan McGowan – Aurivo

Aurivo –the multipurpose cooperative – partnered with ESB Smart Energy Services to identify and implement energy savings while improving the customer experience at 31 locations (including 28 retail outlets) across the country employing over 650 people.

Following an energy audit of its operations, the company rolled out a Lighting as a Service (LaaS) solution as it is the one of quickest and most efficient ways to deliver significant energy savings. Works commenced in July 2018 and over a phased basis to minimise disruption to normal business operation, were fully completed in April 2019. This lighting upgrade programme across the Aurivo group has delivered more than 50% reduction in energy costs.

Marty Dervin, Energy Manager at Aurvio, says: “Huge energy savings make us more competitive, reduce our carbon footprint and ultimately those savings go directly onto the bottom line. Reduced carbon gives us an edge when dealing with our customers and it adds to our ethos as outlined in our mission statement  ‘to enhance the lives of our members, customers, colleagues and the communities in which we operate in a sustainable way.’”

In collaboration with LED design and installation experts, Electric Skyline, ESB’s Energy Service team delivered bespoke lighting systems across 31 locations, including 28 Homeland Retail stores, two dairy plants and a feed mill. The solution included  the upgrade of lighting systems across these facilities to LED lighting which uses less energy. More than 5,000 LED light fittings were installed as part of the programme.

Ronan Geraghty, Customer Relationship Manager, ESB Smart Energy Services, says:  “ESB is committed to helping businesses create a brighter future through the implementation of clean energy technologies and solutions. Like many large energy users in the food and agri sectors, Aurivo is focused on reducing their energy intensity and carbon emissions. The extensive lighting as a service programme provides them with a solution that aligns with that objective.

“Through the project funding model offered by ESB’s Smart Energy Services, Aurivo was able to enjoy the  benefits of the latest lighting technology without assuming the risks associated with upfront investment. Using a subscription model, organisations realise immediate energy savings allowing them to offset project costs.

“In collaboration with cutting edge energy technology firms, we’re creating a competitive edge for our clients, and a low-carbon future for Ireland and beyond,” added Geraghty.


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