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Did you know that LED is short for Light Emitting Diode lighting technology?  Also did you know that there are at least 10 advantages to upgrading to LED lighting.   Some you will know as they are well known but some might surprise you.


No 1 – LED Lasts Longer

LEDs last longer than the traditional lighting solution – in fact up to 40 times longer than the incandescent bulb and 2-4 times longer than fluorescent lights – less need for replacement parts and reduced labour costs.

No 2 – LED is Energy Efficient

LEDs consume less power providing measurable energy efficiency, up to 60-75% improvement in the overall energy efficiency.

Here are some real examples where your business or home could save with LED lighting solutions from Electric Skyline:


Based on one lighting fitting changed to a Twin Fluorescent Light with an LED Light Fitting and save 55% on annual running costs which is equal to €36.69





Based on one light fitting changed to a Fluorescent Panel with an LED Panel and save 56% on annual running costs which is equal to €23.44.





Based on one lighting fitting changed from a Halide Flood Light with ESL LED Flood Light and save 46% on annual running costs which equals €58.60.




No 3 – LED Adaptability

LED light fittings are small, smaller than the traditional lighting solutions thus making LED very adaptable to many lighting applications such as:  Home, Commercial, Sport, Public, Medical, Traffic and Educational purposes – the list is endless.


No 4 – LED reveal the actual colour of items

Not to be too scientific – CRI (Colour Rendering Index) is a measure of the light’s ability to reveal the actual colour of items compared to natural light.  LED lighting is high on the Colour Rendering Index so the true colour is achieved with LED lighting.


No 5 – LED directs light in the correct direction

LED lighting is more efficient in directing the lighting in the correct direction i.e. lighting the room and not the room and the ceiling.   The LED emits light for only 180 degrees versus the traditional light bulb that emits light 360 degrees therefore the LED lighting can be directed to the light the room more effectively.   Also, by only lighting the room 180 degrees provides energy efficiency.


No 6 – LED creates fabulous lighting designs

The elements that create true lighting design flexibility is their adaptability because the LED is so small, CRI index defining the true colour of an area or object and with the energy saving elements lots of lighting fixtures can be used to create a truly inspiring lighting solution for a retail area, commercial building, public thoroughfare or your home.  The world is your oyster with LED lighting design and Electric Skyline design lighting solutions to provide truly inspired lighting for their customers.

No 7 – No warm up needed

LEDs turn on and off straight away.  There is no warm up time needed for the LED lighting solutions also a lot of switching on and off of the lights does not impair the performance of the LED lights.


No 8 – LED Lights are better for the Environment

LED lights use less energy than traditional lights and therefore better overall for the environment.  While LEDs are energy saving double check with your local recycling centre on whether they can be recycled or visit for more information.


No 9 – LEDs Low Voltage

The low voltage creates an additional benefit for LED to be used in outdoor lighting solutions.  Consider homes or businesses that operate near wet locations LED lighting meets the code for such a scenario.


No 10 – CCT = Correlated Colour Temperature

You may have noticed that LED lighting comes in several colours such as warm, cool and blue.  Warm LED has a yellow glow while cool is brighter white.   You can apply your design preferences through the colour of the LED you choose.




When you choose Electric Skyline to complete your LED upgrade you get further benefits that make the switch to LED an even easier decision. 

LED is now the first choice of lighting experts, households, commercial and retail users.   Make LED your first choice and contact a member of the Electric Skyline team on 353 (0) 94 9360954 or email – we are waiting to help you make the switch.


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