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What is CO2?

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Let’s start with the definition of what is Carbon Dioxide, or in short CO2?

Carbon dioxide is a colourless gas with a density about 60% higher than that of dry air. Carbon dioxide consists of a carbon atom covalently double bonded to two oxygen atoms. It occurs naturally in Earth’s atmosphere as a trace gas. 


CO2 makes up 4% of our atmosphere. Freezes at -110 °F and commonly called dry ice and when warmed up it turns directly to a gas in a process called sublimation = CO2 

Carbon Dioxide is the most important building block for life itself on earth.

Really, I hear you say – How is CO2 is used in the cycle of life?  For example, green plants use carbon dioxide during a process called photosynthesis which turns the CO2 into a sugar called glucose during a process called fixation.  Animals then process the glucose which gives them energy when the eat the green plants and we then drink milk produced by cows and goats that have eaten the green plant and had the energy to produce the milk.

Burning fossil fuels at home or at work, or using vehicles emit CO2 gases into our atmosphere and over time this has resulted in too much CO2.  This has then increased the % of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere.   So, we now have a situation where CO2 gas is acting as a greenhouse gas. Imagine the CO2 gas is a glass in a greenhouse which is trapping the heat below the atmosphere. Scientists have concluded that greenhouse gases have contributed to Global Warming.

Did you know that CO2 is useful to us humans in the following ways?  CO2 can put out fire, makes the bubbles in fizzy drinks, makes bread and cakes rise, and makes the holes in swiss cheese.

The correct balance of CO2 in our lives is imperative to our survival and the reason why finding alternative methods of using and generating energy is a task for all of us to try and achieve.

Changing our energy source for running a home, business, and our vehicles has never been so easy.

Some quick and cost-effective ways to reduce the energy you use which reduces the CO2 created are; changing your lighting to LED, insulation, install a Solar Panel System turn to natural fuel such as biomass.

Through the media and social media, our environment, CO2 level, global warming is a concern for us all.  Every little step we take to reduce the production of CO2 is a positive step to reducing the effects on our greenhouse gases.

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