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Electric Skyline a Safe Bet - NISO Awards 2018

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Pictured above is Bryan, Brendan, Laura and Sean from Electric Skyline.


Electric Skyline received this month the Highly Commended Award in the 27th Annual Occupational Safety Awards 2018 Ceremony – NISO Awards 2018.

Electric Skyline is a member of the NISO (National Irish Safety Organisation) and this forms part of their continued improvements to the health, safety and quality standards in all their projects.

To be considered for this award Electric Skyline had to complete the following:

  • Demonstrated existence of health and safety management systems within Electric Skyline
  • Their health & Safety management system has been tailored to the needs of Electric Skyline and their type of work
  • Provided substantial documentary evidence of a proactive safety management system for continuous review
  • Improvement through the NISO Submission process

The award process started nine months prior to the award ceremony where companies have a strict and precise set of milestones to achieve to be considered for the award.  For example, in January 2018, Electric Skyline would have taken part in workshops and applied the key learners within their business. Moving then in the Spring to the submissions for judgement.

So, what is the NISO and why is it so important?  The NISO or National Irish Safety Organisation founded in 1963 is a membership based organisation that helps their members promote and improve health and safety in their workplace.  (  Electric Skyline subscribe to the NISO and their mission statement: “Creating conditions where Irish workplaces are among the safest and healthiest in Europe.”

Electric Skyline takes Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment extremely seriously.  Along with the NISO, we are also fully ISO certified and work diligently to maintain these certifications.


Get in touch if you would like to discuss your lighting project and one of our lighting experts will be able to help you.  Call Electric Skyline on +353 (0)94 9360954 or send us an email to

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