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Future Proof Your Farm with LED

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With the darker colder evenings upon us we all use more lighting and this is no different to agricultural businesses.  Efficiency is key to a successful farm where the timetable can not be moved to a more effective time in the day so lighting solutions become a necessity.

Moving to an LED lighting solution provides many benefits but the two more significant benefits are those of reduction of lighting costs and improved farm safety.


Reduction of Lighting Costs – HOW?

  • The LED lighting use less energy providing energy cost savings of 50% to 80%
  • Maintenance is greatly reduced thus providing further reduction in costs


Improve Farm Safety – HOW?

Effective lighting can provide the following safety enhancements to your farm:

  • Safer working environments for those very early morning, during the night and late in the evening tasks that every farmer must complete. In addition, good lighting solution can make the jobs easier.
  • Safety lights are a great addition to any work place to heed off criminals but can be expensive to run, with LED Lighting, the costs are greatly reduced.

(Check for further details on Health & Safety within Agricultural businesses.)


LED lighting solutions will help Modernise your Farm or Agricultural Business – HOW?

LED lighting is brighter and better providing more light in a more efficient way.  Lighting solutions for the agricultural sector have got smarter too.  With battery operated solutions so you can light any workspace as you need to resulting in a smarter lighting solution and a smarter working environment.

LED lighting is a more modern and cost-effective solution and as such will help modernise your farm.

Moving to LED will also reduce your carbon emissions while providing a better and brighter lighting solution.  Carbon emissions is getting much greater focus this year and will become a greater issue as Ireland gets closer to 2020.


In summary, the key benefits of moving to Agricultural LED lighting solutions are:

  • Energy Savings of up to 80%
  • Reduction in maintenance effort and overheads
  • Increased product lifetime
  • Better lighting reach with improved lighting
  • Non-Toxic
  • Improved Carbon Emissions


To find out more talk today to one of our lighting experts in Electric Skyline about your current lighting and see how the LED agricultural lighting solutions available can improve your lighting on your farm or visit Agri-Lighting to see some of the products available

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