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How proper retail lighting can lead to increased profit?

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If you are a retailer and looking for ideas that may boost sales and lower cost for your business, we have the solution… Retail Lighting!

The difference between poor retail lighting and a well-designed lighting solution can be the difference between the number of customers your shop receives and how many purchases are completed. By creating a good shopping experience using all the sales tools such as lighting will create the opportunity for repeat and referral sales.

During our blog post we will discuss some areas that retail lighting can aid a business and provide real and tangible return on investment, such as:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Enhancing your products
  • Attracting new customers


Lowers Energy Costs

All modern retail lighting use LED lighting technology. If you were to switch to LED lighting your business will be getting a lot more – for less. From the moment you switch to LED lighting your business receives a real method of saving on energy and costs. LED lighting will last approximately 25,000 to 50,000 hours versus fluorescent lighting that lasts 10,000 to 20,000 hours therefore with LED lighting there’s no need for frequently changing fluorescent lamps and you will spend less on lighting repairs. So you may say that switching to LED lighting is a win-win.


Enhances your products

Retail lighting helps draw the shopper to a particular product or area within your shop. The use of accent lighting is an excellent way to make products stand out in a display, your customers will be drawn to the product you wish to promote and sell. The key to accent lighting lies in how it’s used. If every product in the shop has a light shining on it then accent lighting will lose all its focus.  However, if you don’t have adequate lighting items can end up going overlooked in a dark corner. LED lighting strips can brighten a dark corner or shelf while overhead LED lights are better used to cover a large display area. If all lighting factors are taken into consideration, a dramatic difference is made in how a product and area appeals to the customer.


Draw in customers

Lighting is a great way to spur sales in your business. It can be used to highlight your product and also to draw customers towards sections of the shop you wish them to visit.

Good lighting also draws people into a shop by attracting their attention. Once in the shop, lighting has the capability of influencing the buyer’s mood. For example, harsh fluorescent lighting may be overwhelming yet softer LED lighting can have a calming effect. Creating a comfortable shopping environment makes individuals more likely to stay and purchase. Lighting also assists in directing crowd flow towards the products and services you wish your customers to view and purchase. Good lighting will help increase the visibility of shop signage and customers are better able to navigate throughout the shop. By having accent lighting above sections and displays in the shop customers get drawn through the shop to that particular area. A well-lit checkout area will aid buyers in reorienting themselves when it’s time to make their purchases.


There are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration when installing new LED lights and it may seem overwhelming. However by constructing a strong design plan ahead of time with a trustworthy lighting company, you can be confident that the lighting will be done effectively.

If you decide to move forward with finding a lighting solution contact electric skyline by calling +353 (0)94 9360954 or email us on

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