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Electric Skyline’s Public lighting – lighting the path towards a safer future!

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Street lighting is something that we take for granted but it is one of the most important things in any town or city. A strong statement you may say as there is many more important things but think about it for a moment.  The correct public lighting solution improves safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians that move daily from their A to B destinations.  LED lighting is the new and improved method to light your town or city.  LED is environmentally friendly, are brighter and more illuminating that conventional lighting solutions.   LED lighting is free from chemicals such as mercury and lead which give out toxins making them potentially hazardous.


Public LED lighting provides two benefits that are undeniable;

  1. Improved Energy Efficiency that is substantially better for the Environment.
  2. Reduced Costs for Operations and Maintenance


LED bulbs are 40% to 60% more efficient that traditional lighting bulbs.  In short, LED provides better quality lighting, lower energy consumption and reduction in CO2 emissions.  Ireland has a very aggressive target to reduce our carbon footprint of 20% by 2020 and we are way behind that target so any improvement using LED lighting is a way to improving the likelihood of reaching our goal.


FACT: “replacing outdoor lighting with LED lighting can save US$6 billion annually and reduce carbon emissions by the equivalent of taking 8.5 million cars off the roads for a year.”


Operational costs are lower with LED lighting solutions than with traditional lighting because the fixtures last longer up to four times longer than traditional lighting and therefore don’t require the same level of maintenance.


In summary, the energy and cost savings of LED public lighting outweighs the initial investment of LED lighting solutions and the retrofitting is pretty much uncomplicated – So, why are will still using traditional lighting solutions and not converting all public lighting to the LED solution?


Fact: “Times Squares New Year’s Ball is powered by LED lighting.”


Unfortunately, when LED lighting solutions are unsubsidised with grants and investment from government agencies the initial outlay is too much and unreachable.


Embarking on an LED project can be a difficult one and pretty daunting.  This is where Electric Skylines highly qualified team can take this pain away, they will help you with your project from start to finish.  Through the planning, enablement and implementation meeting your requirements at every stage.


Some of the local authorities we have working with are  Galway City and County, Mayo, Sligo, Roscommon, Leitrim, Westmeath and Longford.  Where we provide a mix of the following services post LED upgrade implementation to keep your lighting solution illuminated:

  • Public lighting maintenance: Fault identification and repairs through GPS tracked night patrols of public lighting
  • Lantern up-grading
  • Column replacement
  • Cable fault location, identification and repair
  • Installation of new public lighting schemes
  • Electrical testing
  • Taking in charge inspections and reports



Thinking of upgrading your public lighting solution to LED – call us today on +353 (0)94 9360954 or email or use our contact us page.

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