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Ready to Light up your Sporting venue?

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Decision made, your club or sporting venue is embarking on a new lighting upgrade.  You have your budget sorted.  So, what is next?

Different type of sports has different requirements that is a given but the preparation and project planning is almost identical.  So regardless, whether your club is Football, Basketball, GAA Hurling, Camogie, Gaelic Football, Rugby, Badminton, Tennis or even a mixture of several sports, we have some pointers to help you with your upgrade project.

Each project has one thing common for the players or spectators and that is for the pivotal important moment in a match or game you must have the correct lighting solution – it is an essential element!  The correct lighting will benefit any sporting venue which we have discussed in our recent article “What are the tangible benefits of sports lighting”.

Good lighting for sporting venues is not a matter of taste but something that can be measured on the quality of your venue – so apply best practice where at all possible.  The faster the sport and/or the smaller the sports equipment used more lighting is required – The technical term is Horizontal and vertical luminescence is essential for spatial perception.

Knowing the results, you should expect is an important facet in signing off your project as completed;

  • Understand the lighting level that is suitable for the type of sports played at your club or venue.
  • Gain optimum glare reduction
  • Get uniformed illumination
  • If you need flexibility for the different sports played at your venue ensure this is included in your project output
  • Fast installation and retrofitting is this included
  • Efficient operation with a long lifespan and minimum maintenance – you don’t want to have to revisit the lighting solution too soon after the initial outlay
  • Flicker-free light for video recordings and if you are video buff even for the slow-motion recordings.

Electric Skylines Sport Lighting solutions can be applied any sports project necessary and provide a professional experience no matter the venue for players and spectators alike.


Get in touch if you would like to discuss your lighting project and one of our lighting experts will be able to help you.  Call Electric Skyline on +353 (0)94 9360954 or send us an email to


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